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MusicSquare is one of the web's premium music sites. It delivers all kind of music related information, including music charts, release dates and all kind of artist information. In this league our main focus is to give publicity and to increase the knowledge of the public of any artist or band. By means of editors who keep track of several aspects of a particular artist/band, and users who can exchange thoughts and contact via the public message boards and the fan listings.
MusicSquare is here to promote music, in the biggest meaning possible. Therefor you can expect to see artists/bands from all over the world, from New York to Sydney via Vienna. Local, national or big international stars, there are no limits. Everybody is welcome to add his bit of artist/band knowledge to this site: fans, music lovers, commercial promoters and even band members themselfs.
Being an editor at MusicSquare is like having your own weblog. You can easily add news and pictures, and readers can contribute thoughts as easy as snapping your fingers. But MusicSquare goes beyond that. You’ll be able to add loads of stuff (see list ‘features’ below) and interact directly with a large user base.

We’ve compiled a list of advantages to give you a better impression of what you get. If you have any questions before (after or during) your sign up, you can drop us a line, no question will be unanswered.

The advantages of MusicSquare:
  • Free - The entire website is free for members and visitors. Although some parts of the site require to be logged in, registration is completely free. This means that all the content you add will be accessible to the entire world.

  • Easy - No specific skill is required, unlike HTML which you need to know when you want to create your own website. Everything can be done via a simple to use, online control panel.
    Everything can be done via the Control Panel, thru which you are also provided with future updates, news, tutorials and detailed statistics. When the Control Panel doesn’t speak for itself, you can consult the inline help file, which describes every aspect of each page.

  • Control - You have full control over your entire artist page, each item can be added, modified and removed. You do not need anyone’s permission, and you don’t need to contact someone to process the changes. Just login to the Control Panel, and update your artist page instantly.

  • Features - Each editor can add the following features to it’s artist page:
    • Discography (albums)
    • News Articles
    • Photo Galleries (up to 650 photos can be added)
    • Links
    • Biography
    • Polls (all polls are archived)
    • Lyrics
    • Wallpapers (up to 20)
    • Message Board (which you have full control over)
    In the near future, an Audio and Video section will be available as well.

  • Visitors - The main reason people build a site is so that others can read it. MusicSquare helps drive traffic from one area of the site to another so everyone benefits from the increased readership.

  • Full credit/Full privacy - You will be credited as the editor of the artist page and will have full control over how much or little information is revealed about you. Our anti-spam measures will help keep junk mail out of you e-mail box.
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Get heard! Tell us how you want MusicSquare to be, and read what we've done.

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Tutorials will help you improve your artist page.

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Updating your artist page is a matter of updating a form and hitting the submit button.

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Get Instant Help! You are always just one click away from the answer, and if that doesn't satisfy you, you can always email us.

There is one slight drawback: you are bounded to the default MusicSquare layout, this does limit your creativity, but also makes it possible for us to provide an easy to use Control Panel.

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