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Bradley Joseph - New Release! "Classic Christmas" 10.24.2008 Television interview with Bradley Joseph 09.05.2008 "Friday's Child" appears on TWC Smooth Jazz II CD 05.20.2008 DRM Is Dead, But Watermarks Rise From Its Ashes 01.13.2008 Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM 01.06.2008 Three down, one to go: Warner Music Group drops DRM 01.06.2008 Beyonce wins song legal wrangle 01.06.2008 R&B star sues over R Kelly tour 01.06.2008 MPs accuse websites over tickets 01.06.2008 Britney Spears 'leaves hospital' 01.06.2008 U.S. Album Sales Fell 9.5% in 2007 01.06.2008 Radiohead: Artists often screwed by digital downloads 01.06.2008 album sales plunge 20 percent this Christmas 01.06.2008 Amy Winehouse summoned to Norwegian court 12.28.2007 Irish Singer Joe Dolan Dies At 68 12.28.2007
RSS Feeds

MusicSquare offers hundreds of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to it's users to stay up to date on news articles and posts made on the message boards. There is one feed that covers all the articles posted on musicsquare, and there is one feed that covers all the new threads made on all the message boards, including all artist boards.

We also provide special artist/band feeds. These feeds either include the most recent news articles or the most recent message board threads on one particular artist/band.

Links to the feeds:
Latest News Articles:
Latest Threads on all Message Boards:

A button to the artist news feeds can be found at the artist news archive, which you can reach by going to your artist main page, and click on news in the artist menu on the left. The same button can be found when clicking on message board instead of news, and is placed just under the big orange 'new thread' button.

WAP Support

In case you are not online, you can still access MusicSquare easily by using your cell phone. As long as your phone supports WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and your mobile carrier supports it as well, you are ready to go.

Although MusicSquare is not entirely available on your mobile device, the main features are still accessible. You can read all the news articles ever posted, sorted by date and artist/band. And you have access to all the charts (unfortunately not the archive)!

To access the WAP version of MusicSquare, point your cell phone to Or use the alias

If you have any questions regarding your cell phone, WAP or the costs, please point them to your mobile phone provider. Questions and suggestions regarding the content can be send to us.

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